Saturday, March 06, 2010

Shady Shade

The Nester often calls her window treatments, Mis-treatements, which I think is quite clever. Her windows always end up looking really cute and classy. This is the redneck cousin of them. They probably only see each other at family reunions, and even there they are too embarrassed to admit that they might possibly be related.

I had a problem. There is a street lamp right outside my bedroom window. It kindly lights the streets, but doesn't differentiate between the street and my bedroom. The light just streams right through my bamboo blinds, and into my sleep. I dealt with it by piling pillows on one side of my bed for a few weeks. Then one day I was organizing my linen closet, and found a random pillow case that didn't have a twin. That's when I did this. 

I used the pillow case as a window shade. The way my bamboo blinds hang, I can't put a normal roller shade behind them. Someday I might have curtains, but for right now, this works. 

What's even better is how I hung it in the window.

It just took a binder clip.

And some Scotch tape.

Okay, who's ready to hire me as their interior decorator, now? I'm going to go on a first come, first serve basis. ;)


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