Monday, March 29, 2010

My Exciting Life

I have to confess that my life is much more exciting than your normal life. I have photos from this weekend to prove it.

Friday night we went to a local park to play. It was the first semi-warm evening of Spring, so we had to take full advantage.

After our time at the park, we went to the new pizza place. It's Chicago style. The best part is that they let you draw on the tables. Scott (Raylene's husband) is a freak of nature and can draw an almost perfect map of the U.S. free style, I mean hand.

Sorry about the grain, I had to go flash-less and it was dark.

We played Pictionary. This is the underground railroad. They didn't get figure it out. Look closely, now squint a little and slowly pull the screen away from your face. See it? No? Okay, I'll admit I'm not an artist.

I know what you're thinking right now, Internet. But trust me, my life is exciting, the better photos are coming....

Sunday morning I taught Sunday School. Somewhere my kiddos found this goofy hat. It made me smile.

During church, I told Rachel that I was going to get a tattoo on my foot. She designed this one for me. It's a joke from The Office. 

I guarantee that I will now get 1 comment on this post from a lady named Verna. She is the one who I call Momma. She doesn't approve of me getting tattoos. She doesn't believe in adding excitement to your life via permanent ink. :) 

This is Cash and me. He is really good at laying around and looking adorable.

Confession: My life is normal and not nearly as exciting as you would think a redhead's life would be. I love it, but it won't be making magazines anytime soon. That's probably a good thing. Maybe when I get that tattoo....


  1. You don't need a tattoo....they're PERMANENT!! And Baby Cash is the cutest picture on your blog....along with you, of course.

  2. Yes, you win. Your life is much more exciting than mine. You know my feelings on tattoos. : )

  3. adorable picture of Cash! He's gotten so big!!

    We do have pretty exciting lives... I think we will be chasing several more volleyballs this spring/summer.. for sure! lol

  4. Jenny... I'm honored that I'm in this blog. Lil Kid Lover... So people know where your priorities are.


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