Saturday, March 20, 2010

#9 - Check

Doesn't it feel good to cross things off lists? Confession: Sometimes when I have to-do lists, I write down something I've already completed just so I can cross it off.

Today I get to officially cross #9 off my 50 in 500 list. I've blogged everyday for a month. I'll continue to blog more often than I used to, but don't be surprised it I take a day off.

8 things I learned about blogging daily:
1. Sometimes I have to get creative to make my life sound more interesting.
2. When in doubt, just post pictures of your adorable nephew.
3. I begin to see everything in the world as a possible blog topic. Ice Storm = Blog Topic, Crazy Gpa = Blog Topic, Kitchen Sink = Blog Topic...the possibilities are endless!!
4. The more I blog, the cuter I want my blog to be.
5. The more I mess with html, the more messed up my blog can become.
6. It would be easier to set up posts in advance, but I never did that. That's the wimpy way out.
7. I check my e-mail more often to see if there are any new blog comments.
8. Blog rhymes with fog. (I knew this before the daily blogging adventure, but thought it should be pointed out.)

Next item on the list: #15 work out 4x per week for a month. Why do I make these month commitments? I'm ridiculous!!

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  1. i also make a list and add things and mark them off!! that is so funny! good luck working out, i started walking each day with callie. have a good week. susan in columbia sc


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