Sunday, March 07, 2010


This morning I was thinking about what my blog topic would be. I considered showing you all my coffee table inspirations, or possibly revealing the kitchen updates, but then I went over to my grandparents' house. At exactly 2 o'clock the song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" filled the room. I told Gpa it was time to take down his Christmas caroling clock. He agreed, so we took it down, and somehow it ended up going home with me. That's how my grandparents are. You have to be very careful complimenting anything in Gma's home because you'll walk out with it. Hence the reason I now have a Christmas carol clock. This post is not about Christmas or carols, but it is about a clock. 

Before going on, there are a few things you should know about Gpa.

1. He is 74 years old and a substitute teacher. I think he does it so he can get out of his "honey do list."

2. He loves his grandchildren very, very much.

3. He used to tell us to be careless instead of careful.

4. He once was sent out for Dunkin' Donuts, and returned with cinnamon sticks from the store because those are the type of donuts he dunks in his coffee. He didn't realized there was a donut place called Dunkin' Donuts.

5. He is proud to be the #1 Grandpa in the world.

Gpa has always loved clocks. There are clocks in every room of their house, but don't expect to know what time it is because none of them are set the same, and half are out of batteries. Combine Gpa's love of clocks with Gma's love of garage sales, and somehow he ended up with a random clock that he didn't need. (Because he needs the other 30 clocks that are scattered around the house.)
At one of our family gatherings he decides he is going to hold a good ole fashioned raffle for the clock. He figures the grandkids would want it for our rooms. Let me be clear. This isn't a digital clock. It's not an alarm clock. It isn't a small desk clock. It's an antique wall mounted grandfather clock. Exactly what everyone between the ages of 14-25 would long for.
After we'd eaten, Gpa announces his raffle to the family.

Gpa: You all need to take a number from the hat
Us: Why?
Gpa: So you can win the clock
Us: You're giving away a clock through a raffle?
Gpa: Yes, so take a number
Us: I'm pretty sure we could just decide amongst ourselves who would want the clock
Gpa: Well, that wouldn't be fair. Take a number

So we pass around one of Gpa's baseball caps filled wih little pieces of paper. Once everyone has their number, Gpa reached into the same baseball cap and pulled out a number.

Gpa: 17
No response
Gpa: Who has 17?
Looking around confused and starting to giggle
Gpa: Look at your numbers! Someone has to have 17!
Us: No one has 17.
Gpa: Oh
Pulls another number from the same baseball cap.
Gpa: 25
Us: An eruption of laughter
Gpa: Who has 25?
Us: No one has 25. If you keep pulling numbers from that same hat, none of us will have them.
Gpa: What? This is how raffles work.
Us: You have to choose the number beforehand or make another hat with new numbers.
Gpa: Well everyone put your numbers back in the hat, we'll start over.

At this point we are all laughing hysterically. Finally all the numbers are collected, redistributed, and Gpa is standing in the middle of the room again with a hat full of numbers.

Gpa: What am I supposed to do now?
Us: Say a number
Gpa: That's what I did last time and you all started laughing at me.
Us: That's because you were pulling numbers from the same hat we were.
Gpa: Well where am I supposed to get my numbers?

Mom finally explained to Gpa what was happening, and they randomly picked number 14. This number belonged to my cousin's boyfriend. He's 17 years old, a baseball player, and was so thrilled with the clock that he gave it to my aunt.

The whole family is going to Arkansas soon for a family party. I'm most looking forward to the hilarious blog material Gpa will provide.


  1. I am laughing so hard about the clock raffle and the "Dunkin Dounghnuts"! Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man. I love that he told you to be careless and not careful. Such a sweet post. Have a great week!

  2. Jen! this going to be like a renewed xanga? I've joined. I do love reading your posts. You always keep me entertained.


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