Monday, March 08, 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

One of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld is when Kramer made a coffee table book with photos of coffee tables (plus little legs to make it look like a coffee table). Coffee tables can be so boring, but they are also an awesome place to display some creativity.  I think both the boring and creative coffee tables have their places, and it's easy to jazz a table up with some accessories. My table is too small for my living room.

I've had it since college. It used to be a computer desk, but we just sawed off the legs to make it a coffee table. I needed a coffee table, but I didn't need a computer desk.

I'm ready for something different. I've always loved this image from Pottery Barn.

It's just a stack of books. My fear is that there would be a lot of dust and that it would get knocked over, so I doubt I go with this option.

I saw this one on Design Milk a while back.

I think it is so artfully designed.

I've also always liked round coffee tables.

I'm also intrigued by coffee tables made of industrial carts.

This one is a re-make from Pottery Barn.

And this is Restoration Hardware's take on it.

So many options for such an indecisive girl! Okay, internet, which way should I go? Do you have more inspiration for me?



  1. I have sawed off taller tables & made them coffee tables , have had all shapes & sizes only to find out my husband HATES coffee tables !! So now we don't use one. I like the round one the best !!

    Susan in Columbia sc

  2. I've never seen the cart thing! Love it!

    Our coffee table is a little too BIG for our living room. I'd love to downgrade. And get something with more natural wood.

    Here's what Craig and his List came up with:


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