Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Speaking of...

I can't narrow down this blog post to one topic, so I thought I'd share some thoughts with y'all.

1. Today is Halloween. I've never been a big fan of Halloween, but I am a big fan of cute kids in cute costumes. Here are my wonderful nephews decked out in their Halloween outfits.

2. Speaking of nephews, I have a short Cash story to tell. He recently has started talking up a storm, and loves to prattle on about random topics. Last week, I was buckling him in his car seat, while he talked to me about a bush that had been removed by my fence. Once I had him in and ready to go, I said my goodbyes, and he said, "Aunt Enny, I not done talking to you yet." It was adorable.

3. Speaking of adorable, I've been having so much fun shooting photos lately. I absolutely love autumn photo shoots, and I love adorable senior girls. Here's a quick sneak peek from this past weekend's session. The second one looks like the cover to a Christmas album.

4. Speaking of Christmas, my cousins and I busted out the Christmas tunes this past weekend while we were making her Halloween costume. Does that make us pathetic?

5. Speaking of cousins, I did a photo shoot of them too. It was a surprise for their Momma. Here's one of my favorites. I love the backlight on their hair. 

6. Speaking of hair, last night I had a very deep discussion with three of my favorite people about my great hair debate. They all thought that I should cut it. So I asked my friend, Steven, on Facebook chat, and he said to cut it. So I asked my Momma, and she isn't so sure. So I asked Beth, and she was torn, but then convinced that I should cut it. So I asked Gpa, and he said not to cut it. Maybe I should stop asking people, and just make the decision for myself.

7. Speaking of Gpa, tonight I realized that he is actually pretty good at Wheel of Fortune. I've decided that they need to do a grandparents week, so he and I can go on together. The trouble is, he has to figure the puzzle by saying it out loud over and over, so that might not work so well.

8. Speaking of wells, today I was teaching a lesson about quick breads in FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences, a.k.a. Home Ec). One of the steps was to create a well in the dry ingredients, for the wet ingredients to be poured into. After I was done explaining this, one of the students spoke up and said, "Miss Collier, what does a whale have to do with baking?" Apparently, I don't say the word well correctly.

9. Speaking of baking, it's pie season, which means life is good. If I had my way, I would stay home all day and bake. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no desire to open a bakery. I simply want to stay home and make my house smell like pie. It wouldn't hurt if there were some little ones running around while I stayed home.

10. Speaking of little ones, did I mention how cute my nephews were in their Halloween costumes tonight?


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  1. adorable... smiled the whole way through that post! :)


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