Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Gpa Story

This story is a little over due. It's from mid-September, but it made me laugh so much that I need to share it.

 At dinner one night, we were talking to my Gpa about his recent cataract surgery, and his need to schedule one for his left eye. 
He said, "I figured out that if I have my cataract surgery the Friday before Labor Day, I won't have to miss any days of substituting."
We all started laughing and said, "Labor Day was 2 weeks ago, Grandpa" 
He got a really perplexed look on his face,  then he pulls out this notecard.

He said, "Well I looked at the calendar today, and wrote it down right here."
Which made us laugh even more because he thought that since he had written it down, it was reality.
After getting tickled at him for a few more minutes, we figured out that he still thought it was August.
It takes all of us to keep him straight.

In other news, Gpa no longer wears glasses. Here is his new look.

Also tonight, Cash walked over to Gpa and said, "Your belly makes a good pillow."


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