Thursday, November 01, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

  • Mascara - Here's the deal, Internet. I really love make-up. It's amazing to me how it can transform a girl's look. Sometimes though, I really don't like make-up, and I don't want to take the time for the transformation. The one thing I always have time for though, is mascara. It's amazing. This week I'm thankful that I can spend 20 seconds brushing on mascara and look better.
  • Ecclesiastes 11:5 - Which says, Just as you can not understand the path of the wind, or the mystery of a baby growing in a woman's womb, so you can not understand the activity of God who does all things. I was reminded of this verse after Hurricane Sandy this week. I don't know how or why storms happen, but I can take comfort in the fact that God is the maker of all things.
  • Blood Donation - As of this week, I have officially donated three gallons of blood since college. I think it is crucial that we give in any way possible, and I'm so grateful that I am healthy enough to give in this way. I know it can make some people a little squeamish, but it's saving lives, which I think is important.
  • Pony-tail Holders - Sometimes my hair gets a little unruly, so I'm incredibly grateful for my scrunchies. Some mornings, they are literally my hero.

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