Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthday Card Placemats

I have a friend at work named Jen. (Great name, right?) She is extremely creative. I take her sons birthday photos every year, and we're always doing fun things like smash cakes & balloons. The other day she shared this idea with me, and I just had to share it with you all.

Every year, Jen takes her son's birthday cards and turns them into a placemat. Then on special occasions, they get the placemats out, and the boys can see all of the sweet messages that have been written to them over the years. I told her to send me a photo, so I could blog about it because I think it is pure genius.

Here's what you do....

1. Gather up all of the cards that you are going to use. (They don't have to be birthday cards. You could do Christmas cards, wedding cards, or just random paper goods that you have around the house.)

2. Fold them so you can see both sides, or you can cut them to keep the portions that you want. 

3. Arrange them so that they are the size of a placemat. (20" x 14" seems to be the standard size, but you can make it however you want!) 

4. Glue them together. You can use whatever glue you want.

4. Take them to your local office supply store or Kinkos to be laminated.

Here are Jen's placemats...

The front of the cards on one side of the mat

The messages on the other

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