Monday, June 28, 2010

Weight Loss Episode 4

It's amazing how sometimes weeks slink by like slugs and other times they zoom by like zombies. Okay, maybe zombies don't exactly zoom, but I wanted something that started with the letter "z". This week was a zombie week, according to the previous statement, not according to the walking dead definition that is used by some. I was overwhelmed with garage sale preparation. Let me tell you, Internet, garage sales are a lot more trouble than they are worth! They also don't leave any free time for blogging or perfecting your summer tan which means this week needs extra time by the pool.

The one thing they are good for is keeping you moving and away from food. Therefore I lost 2.2 pounds this week bringing my 2 week total to 7 pounds. Not too shabby! 

I've decided to quit posting my workout goals here because inevitably they NEVER happen!! Remember how I was going to start running this week? Well, when I was 16 years old, my brother Justin was making fun of me for not knowing how to roller skate. I decided to prove him wrong, and donned a pair of roller blades. (There's a connection, it's coming.) So I got up to start rolling blading and went straight to the ground landing on my knee. Within hours it was bruised and the size of a small cantaloupe. After a few years of doctor's appointments, I finally broke down and had surgery. They repaired my medial meniscus and cartilage. It made things a lot better, but I still get knee pains every now and then.

Well, this week I messed up my knee again. I think it has to do with watering hanging baskets, rocks, and a porch step. Pretty much, the running program is not an option. Sometimes walking isn't a very good option. I'm working through it, but until I get it back to normal, I'm avoiding the workouts.

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