Monday, June 07, 2010

Why Weight?

So I said in my last post that I would post something about my weight loss goals. Why do I go saying things like that, Internet? I guess there is the possibility that you all breezed right pass it while you were reading, and I could just skip this, but I can't risk it. One of you may be checking my blog daily waiting for this update. A girl can dream, can't she? I like to pretend like I have avid readers who think my blog is just the berries. (Who says things like that? And I wonder why I'm single!)

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Today I joined which is a free on-line weight loss community. The best part is it's free, and I get to choose my own pace, goals, plan, etc. The first goal I had was to tell 1 person about my goals, so I decided to tell the entire webisphere. I'm just an over achiever. Okay, my real goal is get healthy. I'm trying really hard to make it more about health than weight. I know that the weight will go down while the healthy goes up. Kind of like the rain and the floods in that Sunday School song. 

So here's my plan....
1. Start working out everyday. 

That's it. I know what you are thinking...lame-o, but I've been going about the whole weight-loss thing all wrong I've decided. Historically, I tried to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time, and ended up throwing in the towel because I wanted to eat a piece of cake. Instead I need to make it about habits, so every 21 days, I'm going to add a new habit. That's the plan. I've decided to write about it on the blog on Mondays, so if you don't want to follow the progress, don't read on Mondays.

Oh, and here is a "before" photo of me. What's that? The before photo should be a full body shot? Yeah, not going to happen....yet. Check back in a few weeks months.

I can't believe I just wrote this post...TMI! Ha!



  1. That's a beautiful picture of you! I am also tackling the weight battle but sometimes seems like a "wait" battle because it doesn't move as fast as I would like. I have been on weight watchers and have lost 16 pounds only a bazillion more to go! It's hard but the habits is definitely a good way to go:) Good luck!

  2. I am so with you on the habit thing - I sorta cringe, actually, whenever I hear people say, "ohhh, I'm on a DIET."

    like, what, you only SOMETIMES care about being healthy? and then you.. stop?

    anyways, you can do it!!! I'm totally going to be reading on mondays and hope to get some good inspiration. :)

  3. I love it!! I'm going to totally be excited to read on mondays! I'm going to take a look at that site.. can't believe you haven't told me about it before now! rude. :)


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