Sunday, June 13, 2010

City Market

Since I'm teaching summer school, Saturday is my one day to sleep in. Yesterday was the perfect sleep in Saturday. The day greeted us with thunder, grey skies, and buckets of rain. As lovely as it would've been to be nice and cozy in bed, I spent my Saturday at Kansas City's infamous City Market with Stacey. It seemed like a good idea until we hit the downtown area and the rain began. Even then, it was still a blast. I mean, I can sleep anytime. :)

All I had was my point and shoot camera, so blame it for the low quality photos. Next time when it's sunny and warm I'll take my real camera.

Stacey and I did not have an umbrella or a hoodie, so we were thoroughly soaked by the end.

So we went to Chacko's to enjoy a yummy fresh lunch. Stacey introduced me to this place, and let me tell you, it is DELISH! It is family owned and the mom bakes everything fresh. So, so, so good!

Here is a photo of my loot. I spent 12 dollars and got peaches, an entire bushel of lettuce, a ton of sweet potatoes, 3 different spices, a cantelope and an avacado. Why do I need an entire bushel of lettuce? Because I was talking to the farmer boy about the different types and he threw in more and more at a price I just couldn't refuse. 


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