Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bachelorette

Can we just take a moment to discuss The Bachelorette? I'm not sure if you all are fans of the show, but I am, and this is my blog.

This season has been full of man drama. I know, Internet, usually The Bachelorette is a very calm, family oriented show, but not so this season. This season is full of crying guys with poor fashion sense. I'm not going to do episode recaps for you all because you can easily look them up on Hulu. Instead, I just need to vent about some ridiculousness.

Let's start with Krazy Kasey. Who is going to be the one to tell him that he can't shouldn't sing? Who is going to tell him that he was the nice guy, but this episode he turned into the crazy guy? Who is going to tell him that getting a tattoo on a whim for a 13 week television show is NEVER a good idea? Who is going to tell him that the other guys really don't appreciate the symbolism of the 11 stones on the heart of said tattoo? Who is going to guard and protect his heart? Who even knows what that really means in his world? Who is going to give him a thesaurus so he can find synonyms for guard and protect? I can't do it. I'd laugh through the entire conversation. I was hoping Ali would give him a hint by not giving him a rose, but alas she pinned one right on his chest, kind of like the shield on top of his tattooed heart.

And because Kasey got a rose, poor Farmer Jesse had to go home. To his dogs and his land and his normal life. She just wasn't ready to be part of Green Acres. I also think she wasn't ready to go to cocktail parties with a guy who wears jeans and denim shirts when everyone else is wearing a suit and tie. Don't get me wrong, I liked Jesse. He definitely was a little too country for her, though.

Speaking of guys I liked, Frank is slipping. Fast. He was my number one. He had my heart with his dark rimmed glasses and adorable, perfect smile. Then he brought out the emo side that always goes with glasses like his. Frank - sure, she likes you, but this is a reality television show. You don't get to date her exclusively. Give it up.

Thankfully, The Weatherman (Jonathan) has been forced to give up. After wearing a tiny little speedo, and worrying about whether or not Ali was comfortable with a kissing scene in a music video, and being just plain giddy over getting to sing on a broadway stage, The Weatherman was denied the only thing that would make his little heart flutter - a rose from perfect Ali. Thankfully, he didn't give it up without a fight. He pulled out the guitar at the cocktail party and faced Justin aka Rated-R during the post credit moments. If there is one thing that can be said for him, it's that he tried - really, really, really, really hard. And that's exactly what he did wrong. That is, if you're not counting the white jacket he wore a couple episodes back.

I could go on and on, but I'll wait until next week when they go to Iceland. What? You've never been to Iceland on a date? What kind of rock have you been living under?


  1. Ohh, I've been watching and I'm with you on Kasey, Weatherman, and Frank. I <3 Frank, but he really needs to chill. I liked that Ali pulled him aside and told him she's still into him. It seemed to calm him down - at least until Iceland! Geez. Ok, so do you notice Kasey's voice, too? I am so over that. Also, I think Ali gave him a rose because maybe the producers asked her too, for the drama. I mean, she has to find out about the tattoo right?!

  2. Kasey's voice drives me insane! I bet the producers did want him to stay around for the drama. There is no way she will keep him once she learns about the tattoo.

  3. Oh yeah. And did you hear that Frank tells her at some point that he still has feelings for an ex back home? Sad day! I hope that's not true. Him and Roberto (who I didn't like at first, but has grown on me. He seems most genuine) are my top two. I almost cried for Kasey and Weatherman when they sang last night. Two points for trying I suppose...


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