Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Kitchen Episode 4

Lean Cuisines have become a way of life for me. I can tell you which ones are good (Did somebody say Baja Quesadillas?) and which are cardboard. I have come to appreciate plastic ware and paper plates. Kitchen items no longer need cabinets in my house, they live on top of the fridge, and in the buffet in the dining room. As well as I've adjusted to life without a "real" kitchen, all of this is coming to an end. No, my kitchen remodel is not finished, yet. In fact, it still has a full season of episodes left, but the end is drawing near. Much in the same way as LOST. (What? No, I'm not obsessed with the show LOST or The Office for that matter.)

So what's new in my kitchen? Last time I discussed the countertops. Since then, they have been stain, sealed and delivered. (I'm not sure what they were delivered from, but I've learned to copy song lyrics as much as possible in my writing.)

Who's that cutie modeling the unfinished bowling alley countertops? His name is Kody, maybe I'll write a post about him on here soon. Notice the sink. :)

Holy diamonds, Batman! Those counters are shiny! (Okay, I'm lame, might as well just own up to it.) The sealant isn't quite finished drying here, so there is still a fairly high shine.

Remember that sink I pointed out to you 2 photos ago? That is another of my dad's amazing Craigslist finds. For $10, I got a kitchen sink. Not too shabby. Pay no attention to the random stuff in the garbage disposal side of the sink.

Speaking of cheap, for the last few weeks I've been debating about what to do under the counters on the dining room side of the kitchen. My dad had the resourceful idea to use the original upper cabinets as shelves under the counter. They needed to be shallow since the countertop was not a full 24 inches, and I'd like the option to put bar stools there. The cabinets fit perfectly, all I had to do was yank off the doors. (Which is much easier said than done. Hinges that have been stuck for 58 years don't come off easily.) So this shelf was once an upper cabinet in this exact kitchen.

Oh, and internet, I must apologize. Last time I told you I'd be updating you about this wall. Well, life and laziness got in the way and the wall is still pretty much the same. You can see some paint samples I'm playing with, though.

In case you need recaps, here are Episodes one, two and three.


  1. Jenny you are such a doll, thank you sooo much for taking the time out to help me with a lens.. it may be something small but it really meant alot to me! I do not know anyone else that has a Sony SLR so I was beginning to think maybe I should have bought something I love the fixed lens you sent me. I have always wondered how to get the blurry background! I am going to show this to the hubby tonight, my birthday is coming up sooo that would be a great gift.. and the price is awesome! Now I did get a zoom lens for Christmas but I have to be outside to use it because you have to stand so far away, so I haven't got to use it alot.

    I love looking at your remodeling pictures.. we have remodeled our whole house since we moved in over 6 years ago... and we are STILL working on is truly a project that never ends!!

    Thanks again!

  2. Wow! You sure have come a long way from episode one! I love renovating, but its hard work. Looks like you have a great handle on things!


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