Sunday, February 21, 2010

50 in 500 Update

At the beginning of the year while everyone else was busy creating New Year's Resolutions, I decided to post my 50 in 500 list. The date for completion of the list is late Nov, which is approaching faster than I realize! Luckily, I have completed a few...

#4 - Create a New Logo for Jenny's Lens -- Done! I created this a few weeks ago.

#25 - Solve my Rubik's cube - Not Completed. I'm thinking about deleting this one. I have a couple of kids in my classroom that can solve it, so it looks solved. As long as it looks like I reached my goal, I get to cross it off. I know it's just a pattern that you have to keep repeating, which I think is the definition of insanity. Pretty sure it is in everyone's best interest for me to give up my Rubik's cube dreams.

Okay, so all in all I have hardly completed anything. I know what you are thinking, internet, and I am a hot mess. I need to focus and my mom would tell you that I need to clean my bedroom, which is probably true. I kind of enjoy my crazy, messy life, but I have a list and time is running short,  so I'm going to work on goal #9 which is to blog every day for a month. Maybe this will motivate me to cross other things off my list. My goal is to blog something every 24 hours until March 20. (What's that? Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that February only has 28 days which means there are only 28 days instead of the usual 30 or 31 between now and then. No, that is not cheating.)

I wish I had a cool send off to put at the end of each blog post. Like, "stay classy, internet"or "Until we meet again." Maybe I'll try out some new ones in our blogging month saga.

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