Friday, February 26, 2010

Mice and Collections

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Kelly is hosting "Show Us Your Live: Collections" this week. As a teacher I have to be super careful mentioning that I collect things otherwise I end up with 50 glass penguins or 34 angels at Christmastime. The kids have good intentions, and it means a lot to me that they remember the things I like, but really, who needs 21 different apple plaques?

I do have a few collections, though. When I was in high school I started collecting tin lunch boxes. It started on a vacation when I bought one as a souvenir, and has taken on a life of it's own. I have just under 30 of them. Last year I realized I did not want to display them in my house, so I took them up to my classroom. The kids love them and they add an element of fun to our learning environment.

I also collect aprons. I'm not sure how this one got started, so there really isn't a story to tell.

I've thought about collecting old cameras. I only have this one right now, but if I see one at the right price, I might not be able to stop myself. :)

In other news, I had to face my worst fear tonight. No, my hair did not suddenly turn brown, blonde or gray, nor did I have to choose between The Office or LOST. This is worse. I found a mouse. In my house. In Kody's food bowl to be precise. Thank the good Lord above it was dead. He really was looking out for me. I might have fainted had it been alive.

As it was I screamed, ran into my living room, dialed my mom's phone told her the terrible story, dialed my dad's phone, told him the terrible story, dialed my brother's phone, told him the terrible story and announced it on Facebook. Dad told me to throw it out into the yard. I told him to get real. I was not going any where within 25 million feet of that thing. Josh (my brother) told me that it was probably in the dog food and I accidently scooped it in there when I fed Kody tonight. I told Josh that Kody was going to have to starve unless he feeds him if that is the case. So finally, I mustered up the courage to use one of the cabinet doors to cover the bowl so Dad could take care of it in the morning.

I know, Internet, I'm pathetic. I am a capable 25-year-old-girl who is terrified of mice. I'm considering getting a boyfriend just so I have someone to kill mice for me. Maybe I can get my BFF Craig to put out an ad on his list for me. I have to tell you this started for me at a young age. When I was 3, yes 3, I remember a mouse running out from under the entertainment center. I jumped onto the coffee table and wouldn't move. Mom says they caught 3 mice that day. In college my roomie, Kathleen and I had a mouse in our apartment. We named him Harley. She trapped him under a casserole dish. Bless her heart. I owe her big for that one.

I blame the movie Princess Bride and those freaky mice things. I mean, how can one not be afraid of mice after seeing that? Or how about The Nutcracker and the humongous mouse on there? Or Micky? He's cute and all, but if you really think about it, a dressed, talking mouse is a bit creepy. See, it's not my fault I'm afraid. It's the media.

:), Jenny


  1. I love the idea of collecting old cameras! So vintage! And it looks great next to a stack of books!

  2. This post just cracked me up. 25 million feet... thats something I would say :) Just stopping by from KellysKorner

  3. I would so do the same thing about the mouse, in fact I probably did when I last saw one. Oh, could I tell you some crazy mouse and other critter stories - mine include armadillos, possum, and a rat! Ugh! Loved meeting you and love your lunch box collection. So fitting for a school teacher!

  4. Oh wow! I would have done the same thing too! I live by myself (in a house I'm fixing up, I LOVE the kitchen updates!) and my dogs brought in a bird at christmas time! I called EVERYONE and had a friend come down the street to get it for me at 10 at night. I was NOT touching it! blah! I just found your blog from Kelly's Korner blog and I LOVE it. I can relate to sooo many things you talk about!


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