Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday

New Goal: Get in a post between Thankful Thursdays!

  • My 50 mm lens - I had a wedding and 2 baby shoots this week, and this lens is what makes my photos shine! You know that bokeh background? (where it looks all creamy like you could slurp it up) This lens is king of capturing that style.
  • LOST - Yeah, I'm one of those crazy addicts.
  • The Microwave - My kitchen is still in shambles, so everything I eat has to either be raw or microwaveable. Get excited, episode 4 of my kitchen remodel is coming this weekend.
That's all I've got! Short post because I'm working on photos!!!


  1. Can't wait for episode 4!!!

    Of your kitchen, not LOST.

  2. Could you suggest a good lens for every day.. I just take pictures of my children mainly.. I got a Sony SLR last year for Christmas but I am still using the standard lens that came with it.. would love to try something else.. I also need a inexpensive editing program.. any suggestions.. thanks so much for any help!

  3. Thanks, Stacey! I posted it just now, for you!

    Lesli, I'm going to stop by your blog and post this, too, but in case other readers have the same question, here is my answer. :)

    I started out with a Sony SLR, and I loved it. In fact I still have it as a back-up camera. When searching for lenses, the first thing I look at is the aperture. (This is the number that accompanies the f/ in the lens description.) The lower this number, the better. Then I decide if I want a fixed focal length or if I need something that I can zoom. For kids, you'll probably want something you can zoom in and out since they are constantly on the move. Although, your current lens is probably a zoom lens, so you might consider trying a prime (fixed focal length) lens. Once you try it, I bet you'll love it! Here are some lenses I think you'd like:
    This one is a zoom with an incredible range. I bet you'd never have to switch lenses!
    This one is just like the one I mentioned in my post. You'd get beautiful background blur and it's a fast lens, but you can't zoom in and out. If I were you, I'd try this one. :)

    Also, I always recommend the book Understanding Exposure if you're looking to learn more about photography. (I think there is a digital photography version now.) It taught me everything I know about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. :)


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