Monday, February 08, 2010

The Hall Bath

Green is my favorite color; all you have to do is walk into my house to figure that one out. My entry way is pea-soup-green. I love it, and so does Kody.

I have to say though, the teal-ish green tiles that were originally in my bathroom when I bought my house were not my kind of green. I didn’t hate them, and was fully prepared to work with them, but they weren’t what I wanted. Thankfully, I was able to score a ton of tile at a construction auction making it a lot easier (and cheaper - less than $30 with enough to do my mud room and bathroom) to say good-bye to the bathroom that hadn’t changed since 1952.

I actually didn't realize there was no shower, and just a bath tub the first time I walked through. Dad pointed it out to me when we were there for the inspection. I was just looking at the potential :) 

This was the first room in the house we finished. We started it mid-September when I bought the house and Mom put in the finishing touches in mid-October while I was in Nepal as a birthday gift.

Dad drew my plans for the custom vanity right on the wall. 

See the border that was around the room in the mirror's reflection? Classic 1952.

My grandparents and I both worked on tearing out the tile. We were careful because we weren't sure if we'd want to re-use it later. It is currently in my attic, but there are no plans to reuse it right now. It may be on it's way to Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. This is what a wall looks like after all the tile had been removed:

After we tore out the tile, Dad re-sheetrocked, and it was time to re-tile. I had this idea for built in cubbies in the shower. As he was working on them, Dad informed me that this made me high maintenance. Apparently they weren't the easiest thing to create. Luckily, he had my Uncle Wayne to help him.

Now time for the big reveal....

A friend of my dad's made the cabinet, then Dad painted it and made the formica top.

I brought in some green-glass-tile to compliment the white tile I got at the auction. I love green.

We used black hammered paint on the mirror and light fixture. I got the light fixture for free from Craigslist and the mirror was in gma's basement. They were both originally "builder's brass," but now they are boldly black.

One of my favorite things about the cabinet is the deep drawer on the bottom right and the width of the other drawers.

Yikes! That's a lot of make-up, especially for a girl who hardly even wears make-up. I guess I like the security of knowing it's there if I feel the need to use it. The front basket is all make-up brushes. I love my make-up brushes.

Grandma got this faucet at a garage sale for $5! I love how tall it is.

We got this shower curtain at a garage sale too, then had the "C" embroidered to give it a nice custom touch. 

So for about $500 and a lot of man hours I got a whole new bathroom that I love!!
On another note, Kelly @ Kelly's Korner recently posted this post about "cardboard" testimonies. Here's the video she posted:

The video is powerful, but the comments on Kelly's post spoke to me even more. People who had experienced cancer, infertility, doubt, depression and many other valleys in life still praising the Lord for the great things He has done.  I encourage you to read through some of the testimonies written there. I love how to the point they are. In just a few brief words, the power, grace, and love of Jesus is shown. 

Feel free to share your own here or there. 

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  1. I like your new layout. I enjoyed Kelly's post as well. God is good and his timing is perfect :)


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