Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Episode 3

This episode is all about the counter tops. When I first bought the house I told dad I wanted wooden countertops. I've never actually seen wood countertops. I mean, I had seen them in magazines, but I've never walked into a kitchen that had wood countertops. I researched them and found that they average $30/sq. foot, so I was looking at about $1500 in countertops alone. Not exactly inside my budget seeing as I had an entire kitchen to remodel. (This was before I got the cabinets for $100.) I was prepared to settle with something else, and then Dad had the idea to use a bowling alley.

Mom and I thought he was crazy. We both said no. Then he mentioned it again. And again I said no. Finally, I was looking at books and magazines for wooden countertops and realized that they don't look all that different than a bowling alley. I finally caved and let Dad search our favorite store, Craigslist, for bowling alleys. He found some in Kansas, over 2 hours away, but the price was right. On a Sunday afternoon my parents went straight from church to Kansas and back home again with a lot of heavy bowling alley. All for the low price of $10 the linear foot, making the total cost for my counter tops $180.

Standing, sanding, and sealing are coming soon, but here is a sneak peek.

Dad also made this really cool harvest table for my grandma for Christmas this year with the bowling alley he bought.

Stay tuned for next episode, which will be the after of this before.

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