Thursday, January 21, 2010

Redheaded Ramblings & Thankful Thursday

Tonight I stumbled across an article titled "The Redhead Dating Theory." Being a redhead myself, I found it fascinating, but I don't like the girl's conclusion, although it totally explains my personal dating life. Read a bit for yourself:
Roughly 2 percent of Americans are natural redheads. Take Freud’s Oedipus and Electra theory. Add the fact that children are often drawn to people who look like their parent of the opposite sex. ...Add the idea that most people tend to be attracted to people they can identify with (i.e. Latins are mostly attracted to Latins as they share cultural capital). Add the fact that when boys are growing up, the majority of girls they are exposed to have blond, brown, or black hair. So, when these boys start dating, they are often more attracted to these women, because they are more familiar with them. I have met only a handful of men who claim they prefer redheads over all other hair colors. This leads to my conclusion: when all other factors are equal, men will choose non-redheads more often than redheads.
I don't know, I think I prefer Lucille Ball's take:
Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

I also like this quote:
People try to become redheads, but being a redhead can't be had from a bottle, it's the attitude, fierceness, and aura which captivates that makes a woman a redhead. Not just anyone can pull it off, only those God has chosen.
Now onto the good stuff....
  • Martin Luther King, Jr - I just finished reading the book The Help, (so good, you need to stop reading this and start reading it, well, keep reading my blog, but read the book too.) and it gave me a whole new appreciation for Dr. King. Furthermore, because of him I got to sleep in on Monday.
  • Lean Cuisines - specifically the Baja Quesadilla. All I have to do is pop it in the microwave and bam, dinner. Okay, not the best thing in the world, but when I don't have a stove, or even a kitchen sink right now, it's perfect.
  • The Office - new episodes are back, need I say more. (:
I hope you all have had a great week. Can you believe next week is the last week of January? I'm still writing 2009 on things!

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  1. yeah, well...the "new" episode was big-time disappointing. Really? A flash back episode? bleh.

    I got a little teary at the Jim/Pam montage, though. :)


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