Thursday, December 16, 2010

"What is started today is never finished tomorrow." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My 50 in 500 goals were supposed to be completed by November 23rd. I've been dreading this update because there are numerous goals that I didn't get to, and I fear your judgement, Internet. None the less, you deserve to know what was completed and what didn't. (For those of you who don't know or remember, I started a list of 50 things I wanted to accomplish in 50 days. Here is the post.)

So without further delay or procrastination, here is the complete list, color coded. Doesn't that count for something?

1. Buy a house (Completed 9/2/09)
2. Launch - (Completed 6/4/2010)
3. Knit a scarf - FAIL - Although I do go to a coffee shop every Monday night to knit with my friends, it's just that I usually edit photos the entire time.
5. Visit Chicago - Work in progress. My friends and I are hoping to go soon
6. Organize my iTunes Library into playlists (Completed 11/23/2010)
8. Head toward my ideal weight - Always working on this one!
9. Blog everyday for a month (Completed 3/20/10)
10. Visit my friend Steven in Philly (Completed! 9/4/2010)
11. Organize my filing system in my classroom - moved out of the classroom, so this on is redacted.
12. Get some "gallery prints" of my work - FAIL
13. Get a dog (Completed)
14. Take an art class - FAIL
15. Work out 4x a week for a month - Completed (August and September 2010)
16. Read the Bible cover to cover - FAIL
17. Organize and archive personal photos -Work in progress
18. Learn how to use Photo Shop - FAIL
19. Take a road trip - (Completed 8/2010)
20. Shoot a destination wedding - I'm giving myself this one because I had to drive 2 hours to one wedding. Stretch? Yes.
21. Get photography business onto The Knot FAIL
22. Re-learn the guitar- Work in progress
23. Create photo books from my snapshots through the years - Work in progress
24. Find a cool way to package my photo products - Work in progress
26. Get better about sending out cards to past clients-FAIL
27. Join a photography forum - FAIL
28. Read one classic lit book that I haven't read (Completed! 10/20/2010)
29. Bake my own bread (Completed! 11/25/2010)
30. Do another family shoot of my entire family (Completed 12/5/2010)
31. Plant my own garden (Completed May 2010)
32. Run a 5K - FAIL - I'm putting this on the next list
33. Invest in a 70-200 f/2.8 lens FAIL - I forgot about this one
34. Organize the folders on my laptop - Work in progress
35. Start a personal blog (Completed!)
36. Start using only reusable grocery bags - Work in progress - sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't
37. Create info sheets for clients (Completed, but now I need to start using it!)
38. Spend a week without TV (Completed! 7/3/2010)
39. Create my own recipe box like Mom's FAIL
40. Memorize a book of the Bible -- yes that says book FAIL - I'm close
41. Paint something to hang in my house (Completed! 5/2/2010)
42. Donate my hair to Locks of Love (completed 8/17/09)
43. Learn to make my own chai tea latte (Completed 10/4/2010)
44. Pay off my car FAIL - should be done by February
45. See the movie "What About Bob?" FAIL - How did I miss such a simple one?
46. Plan a B4 reunion-Work in progress
47. Travel to a different continent (Completed 10/19/09)
48. Do 25 consecutive push-ups FAIL
49. Host a dinner party (Completed constantly!)

For those of you keeping track, that's 24 completed, 1 abandoned, 1 redacted, 14 fails, and 10 works in progress. I'll do better next time. And next time I'm not highlighting my failures in red!



  1. I'm still impressed that you accomplished a lot on that list. I loved the one about memorizing a book of the Bible, I can't say I know anyone who's attempted to do so or even accomplished it!

  2. you crack me up! OK.. I can't believe we went this entire year w/out you seeing 'What About Bob'... We totally own this one.. and its one of Scott's favorites... so we may have to have a movie night SOON for that one! :)


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