Sunday, December 05, 2010

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean." -Johann Wolfgang

Kelly is finishing up the house tours with foyers and entry ways. 

One of my first decisions about my house was that I wanted to paint the entry way a bright green color. It took 7 samples before I found the right green. I highly recommend using sample colors before diving in and buying a whole gallon (or 5) of a certain paint shade only to realize that it is more yellow than it seemed, and ending up with 3 unused gallons in your garage. Not that I have experience with that.

This is what the entry way looked like when I bought the house.

This is during the renovations. All nice, white and bright!

This is what it looks like now - with the most accurate representation of the green paint. It's a tough color to photograph! (See the paint color in the office, it may or may not be the paint mentioned earlier in this post.)

We took the old trim and 2 doors off the shelf in the hallway, painted it black, and filled it with fun.


This is the wall opposite the black shelf.

This is what it looks like outside my front door.



  1. Love it all! The white ledges and interesing things on the walls, the black shelves, the wall & door paint colors ~ What a great home you've renovated! :)

  2. Love your entry way. I've always wanted a front porch like that!
    It's beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous green and I love the shelf idea! We've got a space just like! Quick question, what color paint did you use in your living room? I've yet to find the perfect color to go with our red couches. Thanks!


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