Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mud Room Re-Do Episode 7

I've been blogging about my favorite photos from the year, but I'm so excited that my mud room redo that I updated you on last week is done that I had to blog about it instead and open the blog with this giant run on sentence.

It used to look like this. It wasn't even really a useable room. It was kind of a dungeon.

I'm happy to report that it now looks like this.

The green door leads into a bathroom. Well, at least it will. Currently it leads into a closet of nothingness.

Here are the new steps leading into the kitchen. We raised the floor 3 feet, so now there are only a couple of steps instead of 4 large ones.

The washer and dryer with Craigslist cabinets.

See the white cabinet in the corner? I got it for $10 at a garage sale.
It looks like this now.

The table is from Craigslist. It was maple, but Dad chopped it to the right size, painted the legs black and re-stained the top. The fabric rack is an old magazine rack I had in my office. We took off the back and hung it.

My grandma found this chair at a garage sale, and we recovered it this week.

I still have a bit of organizing to do, but the decor and such are done.
If you want to read about the entire journey, click here or here




  1. I'm soooooo excited!! You have really done so much!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!

  2. WOW!!!! And that's just about all I can say is "WOW!"

  3. Home run!!!! Love the stripes ;-)

  4. Holy cow!! I'm totally impressed!! Good Job!!!

  5. Jen - I loooooove it! I really want you to help me with my house someday; I really wish I weren't moving so far away... wait a second, it's time for another Tulsa trip for you! :)

  6. Have you ever thought about making a wedding dress with that there sewing machine? You should think about it.

  7. Jenny, that is amazing!! I hope I can see it when I come to visit you soon. :) Love you!


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