Monday, October 18, 2010

Mud Room Episode 5

I always have good intentions. Doesn't everyone? I always intend to go work out, but then the wind is blowing too hard or my baby toe looks funny or I accidentally forget. I intend to clean out my fridge, but the day is too pretty, or my magnets don't match, so I get distracted and begin organizing the front of the fridge instead. Or I intend to update you all about my mud room renovation, but instead I post random ramblings. Enough with the intentions and procrastination. 

The sad thing is, my mud room looks quite different than this by now, but you'll have to find out about those in the next episode. For those of you who need a recap, here is the last episode. 

Since then, we've striped. Here is how it looked in the midst of the striping process.

The key is to remove the tape ASAP.

Below, you can see how the inventive idea my dad came up with. I read multiple blogs to learn how to stripe before setting out to do it on my own. They all said to measure, draw a few lines, connect with tape. It took me 45 minutes to do the little bit of wall you see above, so I wasn't looking forward to finishing the whole room. Dad found a scrap peice of trim in the garage, and made a guide from it. He marked every 14 inches (the width of my stripes) so then I could just use it instead of the tape measure!

Here it is in action.

It's come a long way. And here are the stripes!  Ignore the poor quality of the photos, and how the flash bounces in the mirror of the bench. :)

The next episode will include the transformation of my garage-sale-mud-room-bench!


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