Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mud Room Episode 4

The other day my cousin, Kristen asked to see my kick room.
"What's a kick room?," I asked her.
"You know, that room you're re-doing in your house."
"Oh, you mean my mud room?"
"Yeah, but don't people call them kick rooms?"
"I've never heard of that," was my reply to her.
"I think they do because that's where you kick off your shoes."
"That's why it's a mud room. So you can take off your muddy boots."
"Oooh, so what's a kick room?"
"I don't think there is such thing as a kick room, Kristen."

So here is my kick room update, just for Kristen.

Here is a quick recap of Episode 3. The floor was raised and covered in hardwood, everything was studded in, and the closet doors were in place. Since then, Dad has added sheetrock and a little half wall to hide the dryer. Additionally, my BFF Craig found just the right set of cabinets on his list for only $50. Score!

I know you all really only care about the photos, so here you go.

My new cabinets! They will have a shelf underneath just like my kitchen cabinets.

If you look into the mud room from the kitchen, you can't see the washer and dryer thanks to this nifty wall. Usually I hate half walls, but this one is perfect.

And the room is already being used for it's purpose!

I can't believe I just put a photo of my dirty laundry on the internet. I always hate it when people air their dirty laundry in public!

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