Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weight Loss Episode 6

It's not Monday, but I'm going to do a weight loss post anyway. If you haven't noticed, I have skipped the last 3 weeks, maybe 4. That's because I skipped dieting (I'm sorry life style changing) for the last month. I just decided to stop. It wasn't a conscious decision per say, it was more of a I'm-too-lazy-and-I'd-rather-eat-Wendy's-than-take-the-time-to-cook-at-home decision. Four weeks of making that decision = 5.5 pound gain bringing my total loss to 2.8 pounds.

It's funny how weight goes on so fast, but comes off so slow. Actually, it's not funny. It's kind of depressing, and a bit discouraging. Never the less, I'm back into a routine with school, so I'm back on the weight loss (oops, life style change) journey.

Things to be positive about.....
1. I finally joined the gym - don't you dare ask me how many times I've gone. I had a pulled muscle last week from a very strenuous water stunt, aka back flip in the pool.
2. I went back to Weight Watchers
3. I drank a ton of water today

Things to work on....
1. Say yes to the water, no to the sugary drinks. (Dear Sweet Tea, I'll miss you. Maybe I'll send you a post card. Love, Jenny)
2. Get to the gym
3. Start counting points again

So I guess this post is my way of saying, I'm back, and those 5.5 pounds better watch it. If I were those 5.5 pounds, plus the other pounds I'm planning to lose, I'd be sleeping with one eye open.

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