Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When my cousins were younger, they had a dog. I'm not sure what it's name was, but I remember that he was small and annoying. We'll call him Fred for this story. Anyway, Natalie and Nicole (my cousins) really aren't dog people. (I should say weren't, Natalie has recently become very much a dog person.) So they didn't really love Fred. They enjoyed playing with him every now and then and took him for the occasional walk, but he was not their best friend. Well, like I said, Fred was annoying, and my aunt didn't like him very much. One day she decided to find Fred a new family. She gave him a loving home with kids who would actually play with him and feed him. Natalie and Nicole got home from school that day and did not notice Fred's absence. The same thing can be said for the next day, and the next day and the next two weeks. Yes, Natalie and Nicole did not notice Fred being gone for 2 whole weeks until one day when my aunt fessed up and told them she had given Fred away. Both the girls started crying and carrying on about how much they loved Fred and missed him, even though they hadn't noticed for 2 weeks that he was gone. 

My relationship with Kody is nothing like Natalie and Nicole's relationship with Fred. In reality, Fred has nothing to do with this post, but I thought it was an amusing story. Kody is a 110 pound German Shepard who has decided to take residence here at The Double 9. (That's what I've started calling my house since my house number is 99. Try to keep up, Internet.) 

Let me tell you, Kody is a pain. When I say something is a pain, it's not a bad thing. It's my way of saying you're-a-little-high-maintenance-but-not-so-much-so-that-I-don't-love-you-in-fact-I-have-come-to-find-you-quite-endearing. Let me tell you why Kody is a pain.

He constantly thinks it's time to play fetch. It doesn't matter if we're in the house or out. He brings me his bone or ball or random stick. He is a playful dog. One of his favorite games are when I lock him in the bathroom and go hide his bone. Then he comes out and searches for it. Trust me, he loves it. He makes up his own games, too. Such as putting his ball at my feet, then grabbing it just before I do. He also steals my dad's tools, and my bear, and my shoes. Sometimes I walk into a room and he has 3 or 4 things around him that he has found around the house. He doesn't destroy them, though. He's a good dog!

He also gets hair everywhere. Momma is constantly telling me that Kody is an outside dog because of all the hair. I tell her that Kody is old enough to make his own decisions about being an indoor or outdoor dog. I'm just going to have to train him to vacuum.

Kody is all about being loving. He does so by jumping up and giving you kisses when you enter the door. Sometimes he shows his love by laying at your feet so you can't get up. Other times he does so by scaring away the random door to door solicitors. 

Granted, there are times that I have to tell him to man up, like when he cries like a baby for being left outside, or when he crosses his paws like a girl, but all in all, Kody is an amazing dog. And I promise it wouldn't take me 2 weeks to notice if someone decided to give him away.

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  1. Ohh, this is such a great post. I am absolutely in love with our dog, an 80lb rottweiler. I write about him sometimes on my blog. They really have a way of working themselves into your heart! Kody is a beautiful dog. You're lucky to have him! :)


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