Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm going to blog about this....

It's my new phrase. Whenever anything happens that I find remotely amusing/thought provoking/entertaining/embarrassing for others involved I find a need to blog about it. Maybe that is why my family and friends haven't been inviting me to as many gatherings. This weekend, I went to Arkansas, or as Momma calls it, God's country. It's where she was born. Every now and then we pack up our things and head south for the weekend. It always results in a lot of fun.

I really wish I rode with Grandpa though because he always provides good blog material. For instance, last trip we were pulling onto a highway under construction. There were orange cones as far as the eye could see, and he kept saying, "Verna, do you see those orange cones? Watch out for the orange cones!" As if she were oblivious to them. He also was learning how to text, and his phone kept going off. So he tried to answer it, but it was a text message. He couldn't differentiate between when his phone was ringing and when it was an incoming text. 

Anyway, this time I was with my parents. Not nearly as much blog material, minus when Mom drove right through the middle of the pumps at the gas station. You know how you are supposed to pull through vertically when there are 2 pumps side by side? My mom just cut right through the middle of the 2 pumps. She is starting to become a lot like Gpa. It's a bit worrisome. Enough stories, on to the photos.

This was Cash's first time to Arkansas. He love it very much. He really liked my necklace that day.

My cousins playing Ring Around the Rosie.

Eva and Jenner playing with balloons.
This is my cousin and my favorite aunts. (My other favorite aunt, Marie, is not pictured.) (They may or may not read this blog, so I have to tread carefully.)

How did you spend your weekend?

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