Thursday, April 08, 2010


Today is my dad's birthday. 

I could tell funny stories about him, like how he thought he wore a size 10 shoe for years and years, but it turns out he wears a 12 once his foot was measured.

I could tell you about how he used to tease my brother when we were little by moving his My Pet Monster around, so that Justin would think the stuffed toy was alive.

I could also tell you how he has a hidden talent of finding the most quiet place in the house when ever we have huge family functions.  

Instead, I'll tell you that he is super. Whenever I put anything on my Facebook status about my dad, everyone comments about how great he is. 

Whenever I talk about my house and how he did all the handiwork, everyone talks about how talented he is. He is pretty much amazing. 

I'm lucky to have such an incredible father. I'm often told that the real reason I'm not married is that I will never find someone who could measure up to him, and that is probably a little bit true. It's like that Loretta Lynn song, "They don't make 'em like my daddy anymore. Guess they've thrown away the pattern through the years." Especially the line that says, "My daddy wasn't one that tried to make no big impressions, just one heck of a man that worked for what he got." That describes him perfectly.

He's great and I love him. And he'll hate this post, but it's his birthday, so I get to do whatever I want.


  1. what an AWESOME post! happy birthday to your DAD!

  2. what an AWESOME post! happy birthday to your DAD!



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