Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dining Room

My dining room has undergone some changes in the past few months. Want to see?

It started out very bare and a bit dirty.

This light fixture found a new home in my entry way.

And it got jealous of the kitchen, so it decided it needed a make over, too. Never mind that the dining room was actually finished before the kitchen.

What we did: laid down new hardwood floors, stripped wall paper, cut arch into the kitchen, replaced outer wall sheetrock, painted, changed the light fixture, and made it pretty.

My bother continues to remind me that the captain chairs do not go with the table.

Here are the four corners. Sorry the photos are so grainy. I should stop using my point and shoot for pics I'm putting on the blog!
This was my great-grandma's flour cabinet. I think the tecnical term is a Hoosier Cabinet. It's over 100 years old.

The oil painting came from a garage sale. For a $1.

I bought this yellow chair at a garage sale when I was 16. I loved it. Everything else in the picture, from the Kitchen Aid mixer to the tea set is also from a yard sale. Yep, even the cake plate. Yes, Internet, the wall hanging too. I said everything...okay, I think 1 of the cookbooks was a gift from Momma, but the others are from garage sales.

This is incredibly blurry, but it's the 4th corner, so I didn't want it to feel left out, and I'm too lazy/it's dirty, so this is what you get. :)

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my dining space!


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