Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Text it to me

When I was in school, if I needed to talk to a friend, I had to call their house. I couldn't just call their personal cell phone; I had to actually call and ask for my friend. Some kids were cool enough to have their own line, but usually it was a shared thing, so if Momma needed to use the phone, I had to stop listening to my friend breathing on the other end, and get off the phone. Kids now have it good. They don't have to politely ask for their friend to come to the phone, they get to just text their friends when they want to.

And here is my confession for the night: I'm a terrible texter. It's not necessarily me though, it's my phone. I use this system called Swype, which means I never lift my finger, so I can text 94 words per minute. (I might be exaggerating a bit.) It sometimes results in some miscommunication, but most of my friends just ignore it anymore because it's to be expected. I thought I'd share a few of those with you tonight.

My side of the conversation is in blue.
Attacks | Starbucks pretty much the same thing.

It foots me might be a new thing, you never know.

1,000 mites - apparently she had bed bugs.

I don't know who I was being, but I'm sure it applied.
And pay no attention to the table runner scarf photo.
I'm not to be trusted after a certain time at Target.

I have no clue what i was trying to say here, but it sounds exciting.

Shying is a legitimate word, right?

I think I accidentally called Raylene a peasant here.

We gleaned our hearts out that night.

I think she was going on a date with Hitler or something....

But today, I went a little overboard with my miscommunication...
I would advise against drinking the kool-aid at my parties.
Unfortunately this happens a lot, so this may need to become a new regular post on the blog...

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha.... would love to see more! Not that I don't have a few from you on my phone already...


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