Tuesday, January 08, 2013

One of these things is not like the other....

A few months ago, my friend group got really into the Meyers-Briggs personality tests for about a day ... or maybe a weekend. We all took the personality test to figure out which 4 letters defined us. If you've never taken the test, you can take an abbreviated version of it HERE. It really is extremely interesting, especially if it's Momma taking the test. Here are a few quotes she said while taking it...
To my sister in law - "What, you're already finished? I'm on question 16." (Of 72 questions)
Reading a question aloud -  "'Do you prefer the scientific method?' Hmmm...I'm not a huge fan of scientists, so I'm going to say no."
To my dad - "Jackson, I could take this quiz for you much better than I could for me because I know you so well."
On question number 25 of 72 "How long is this quiz? I don't have a good attention span."
After taking the quiz, I quickly realized how different I am than the people I hang out with. Which is in no way a bad thing, but it is something that I find intriguing. I test as an ENFP or ESFP depending on the day. Most of my friends were ISTJ's or ESTJ's. Momma was an ESTJ. My sister-in-laws were ISFJ and INTJ. All of these are almost the exact opposite of me, so I guess it just proves the fact that opposites attract.

Which makes me happy because let's be honest, life would be boring if we were all the same. It fascinates me that I am a rather "grey" thinker and I'm surrounded by people who are "black and white." I love that I am an outgoing extrovert, but my family is full of introverts. I think it's wonderful that I am a peacemaker - almost to the point of being annoying, and my friends are good at 'critical conversations.' I'm enthusiastic, friendly, creative, and loving. I can get overwhelmed easily by stress, I lack a sense of routine, and I avoid conflict like the plague.

Hence the reason opposites are so important because it's really good for me to be around people who are structured. I need someone in my life who thinks in a more logical fashion when I'm bouncing ideas around every which way. I respect people who can communicate ideas or criticism in a precise way that causes others to listen and take note.

The beauty of it is the way God created each of us to fit together. My weaknesses are someone else's strengths for a reason. I was given my traits for a reason. You were given your talents for a reason. It amazes me how perfectly individual we are - no one is like the others, and no one is without purpose. Only a creator with an infinite amount of creativity could do that. And that is mind-boggingly beautiful.

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