Wednesday, September 08, 2010

All is peace forever more, on that happy golden shore. What a day, glorious day, that will be. -Jim Hill

My mom always took great pride dressing me up for church. It was back in the day when girls wore dresses, and boys were slacks; we were not allowed to wear jeans. I always had on a cute dress, shoes that hurt my feet, and poofed bangs. (Momma didn't know what to do with my curls, so my bangs were always extra fixed, and it was the 80s.)
I remember one particular Sunday service when I was all dolled up. An older lady at our church, Evelyn, came up to me. She gushed over my dress oohing and ahhing at my cuteness. I couldn't have been over 5 years old, and I may have been even younger than that. I wasn't quite sure what to do since I was a bit shy. Regardless, Evelyn grabbed her husband's arm and said, "Ewell, doesn't Jenny look so sweet today?"
Ewell turned toward me and replied, "Yes, she is quite lovely." I have no clue why after 20 years I still remember standing next to that blue pew in my church while Ewell and Evelyn doted on me. I love how something so simple can become a memory. It doesn't have to be wrapped in a pretty package tied up with bows of big events. It can just be a few simple words spoken to a little girl in a pretty dress.
I write about this memory today because Ewell is no longer with us. He had been battling his health for a while now, and the Lord finally called him home on Monday evening.
Sometimes I get caught up in thinking that my life needs to be magnificent. That I need to make my mark here on earth. I forget that when I get to walk on streets of gold the Lord will be proud of the little things I did for His Kingdom.
Ewell lived his life simply. It was not a simple life.; no life is. But he lived a life anyone would be proud of, singing praises to the Lord, holding the hand of his precious wife, and speaking words of kindness to everyone. He was a great man, and my life is better because I knew him. I know that on Monday night when Ewell stood before his maker he heard, "My child, look around you, great is your reward."

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes. I was listening to K-love and they were playing There will be a Day by Jeremy Camp at the same time, interesting how the Lord works. Ewell was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.


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