Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mud Room Episode 1

When I was little, I always wanted a house with it's own laundry room. None of that laundry in the basement ridiculousness for me! I wanted a nice big room with pretty white floors and walls that looked like it stepped out of a Maytag/Tide/Martha Stewart commercial. When I bought my house it did come with it's own laundry room, but it was far from being white and pretty. In fact it is still far from being white and pretty, but it's getting there.

Here's what we're starting with...

Yeah, pretty gross, right? Hidden behind the sheetrock in the corner is a scary bathroom. 

The photo above is missing the best part which is the plaid ceiling. Here is what the mud room looked like a week ago. It had become a place for me to throw random stuff that I was too lazy to take to the attic.

Thankfully, the remodel has begun! Dad tore out the sheetrock, and we removed all the randomness.

The plan is to raise the floor, insulate, put in all new sheetrock, build a new bathroom (with a shower!), raise the window, raise the hot water heater and furnace, move the AC unit, move the washer and dryer, put in hardwood floors, change the door into the garage, build a half wall, add some storage cabinets or something, and make it look pretty. I'm ready to think about paint colors, but Daddy tells me I get too far ahead of him.

Oh, we also discovered an old wasp nest in the wall. Hopefully that is all we end up discovering!

Stay tuned for episode 2!

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