Wednesday, September 19, 2012

28 before 28...An update

I realized today that I am less than a month from my 28th birthday. Yikes. Therefore it is time for an update on the 28 goals I set out to do before I turn 28. Here it goes....

  1. Sew a dress or skirt 
    • This one is incomplete. I am working on a quilt though, so maybe that counts?
  2. Watch the movie "What About Bob" - seriously, I'm going to watch it this year.
    • Incomplete - This one isn't even hard. I just need someone to show up at my house with the movie & force me to watch it.
  3. Get married - I'm claiming it. :)
    • Incomplete - No where near marriage at this point. Although I could really use a husband because there is a slug on my garage door & my dog food bag that I bought tonight is too heavy for me to pour into the dog food container.
  4. Finish decorating my back patio
    • Somewhat complete - it's decorated, not to my standards, and it really needs a good cleaning.
  5. Get in the habit of sending cards to friends
    • I'm going to stop this list now because I'm starting to feel like a failure. Incomplete.
  6. Start using reusable bags 100% of the time at the grocery store
    • When I go to Aldi's - yes. When I go to Hy-Vee - sometimes. When I go to Wal-mart - never.
  7. Hit my weight loss goal
    • Incomplete, but I'm on my way. I officially hit 50 pounds of total weight loss Monday, so that's kind of a big deal, right?
  8. Go on vacation some place new
    • Accomplished! I went to New Orleans (a.k.a. NOLA) this summer. 
  9. See a shooting star
    • I saw a few of them. (2 complete in a row!)
  10. Build a snowman - yes I put it on again this year. :)
    • There really wasn't a snow big enough for Frosty, so not my fault.
  11. Get a new camera
    • Complete! I love my new Canon 7d
  12. Go a month without sugar - yep, this one's back again this year, too.
    • I went three weeks, and now I highly monitor my sugar, so complete.
  13. Get into a regular work out routine
    • Somewhat complete. I've had good months and bad months
  14. Read Pride and Prejudice again
    • I have about 5 chapters left.
  15. Learn how to drive a stick shift - need to find someone who owns a stick shift
    • Incomplete. Ugh!
  16. Bake bread from scratch
    • If cinnamon rolls count, complete.
  17. Figure out how to solve a Rubix Cube
    • Incomplete, and I have no desire to complete this one, so I doubt it happens.
  18. Photograph my whole family
    • Incomplete, but I have photographed my adorable nephews.
  19. Bake something new
    • Complete! I have baked a few new dishes, and my favorite is Nutella Bread Pudding. I should blog about it.
  20. Deep clean my house
    • Complete! This summer I got every closet cleaned out. (Don't look in them now.)
  21. Makeover my blog
    • Complete!
  22. Make a photo book of my college years - I will get this done some day!
    • Yeah, I'm convinced this will never get done.
  23. Ride a roller coaster
    • Incomplete - I think there is still time for this one. Who's with me? My vote is Fire in the Hole. :)
  24. No fast food for a month
    • Somewhat complete. I've gone at least a total of a month without fast food. Just not consecutive.
  25. Do a puzzle
    • Incomplete. Geez, this is not my best work.
  26. Do not complain about anything for a week
    • Complete, but I want to try it again soon. It was refreshing.
  27. Make 4 new friends
    • Complete.
  28. Have a girls weekend
    • Complete
Well, luckily I still have a bit of time, right?

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