Monday, September 03, 2012

Ray to the Lene

Some of you may be wondering why I've become a regular blogger again. It's because of a certain little lady named Raylene. About 2 years ago, Raylene started a blog because I was blogging, and it inspired her. Then she decided to get an MBA, and quit the blogging scene all together, and now she is back. So if my protege is back, I feel like I should be back too. So tonight's blog post is 5 things I love about Raylene, because 5 is her favorite number.

1. She has a good laugh - Now when I say this, I'm not talking about her every day laugh. I'm talking about the laugh she gets when I do something utterly ridiculous like make up new words describing Twitter Wars. It's a mix of, "Oh, my, goodness, this is hilarious" and "Oh, my, goodness, I can't believe I actually am friends with this lunatic" and "Oh, my, goodness, bless her heart, Jen's gone crazy." It's wonderful in every way.

2. She enjoys color coding things - Let me be honest here, Internet, I can appreciate a good color coded system, but I never take the time to do it. Raylene is one of those people who carries 9 different colors of Sharpie pens in her purse in case the need to color code comes over her. And I'm not exaggerating. She literally has Sharpie pens in colors that I've never seen before. It's impressive.

3. She is honest - You know those friends that you can count on to give you a real answer? She is one of those. I can say, "Raylene, does this dress make my legs look stumpy?" And she answer completely honestly with, "Yes, you look like you should be singing 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' with the munchkins." Or, "Raylene, what if I married that guy standing by the counter at Starbucks?" And she'll say, "Jen, you're not going to marry a complete stranger." It's so good to know that I have her honesty on my side at all times.

4. She strives to be better than she was yesterday - This girl is crazy motivated in her career. Just sit down and talk to her about her job, and you'll understand what I mean in 4 minutes or less. Plus you'll have a much better understanding of Corporate HR. She is goal oriented, but allows herself grace. It's motivating.

5. She doesn't think I'm crazy - This is usually one of the things I love about all of my friends because I'll admit that I'm a bit crazy. Raylene not only tolerates me, but she encourages me to be all that the Good Lord created me to be.

I could list so many more things, like her heart for God, her amazing driving abilities, her Twitter posts - tweets?, her sassiness, or the fact that she is a Mizzou fan. So many great things.

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  1. Awe- you're so sweet! And you know me so well! :) I'm so glad we get to hang more now!! Love ya girl!!


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