Thursday, October 27, 2011

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

I thought I'd share my journal entry from tonight because it makes me happy, and it might make you happy too.

1. Falling asleep to rain and thunder
2. Finding money in last year's coat pocket
3. Feeling pretty
4. Holding hands with a boy
5. Towels straight from the dryer
6. New haircuts - that actually look how you imagined
7. Opening a new book
8. Playing your new fav song on repeat --> with the windows down
9. Wishing on a star
10. Waking up at 2:30 am and realizing you get to keep sleeping
11. Pretty packages
12. Coffee shops + friends + time to kill
13. Holding a warm mug on a chilly day
14. Pretty handwriting
15. Vacuumed floors - especially if I didn't have to do it
16. Flowers
17. Random texts from friends
18. Walking my dog
19. Painted fingernails
20. Glitter
21. The smell of cookies baking
22. Thunderstorms
23. Clean sheets and freshly shaven legs
24. Gorgeous autumn trees
25. Gorgeous autumn light
26. Mail from a friend
27. Inside Jokes
28. Encouragement at just the right moment
29. Winks ;)
30. Laughing to the point of tears
31. New socks
32. Good hair days back to back
33. The first swim of the summer
34. Picking out produce at the grocery store - or better yet, at the farmer's market
35. Handmade quilts
36. Running into an old friend while running errands
37. Decorating for a season or holiday
38. Sudden weather changes
39. Surprising a friend
40. Long road trips
41. That feeling just after brushing your teeth
42. Trying a new recipe- and loving it
43. Blog comments
44. A pen that writes really well
45. Nostalgia
46. Snap shots framed and on my desk
48. Taking off my bra at the end of the day
49. When the clock reads my birthday (10:17)
50. Even numbers.

P.S. Please excuse the fact that this is a cell phone photo.

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  1. Someone told me one time a great way to make you feel good is to list all the things you are greatful for. They were right it sure boosted my day knowing that I had so many people and things to be greatful for. I like your list as well.


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