Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fridge Update

Sharpies and I are a dangerous combination. There's just something alluring to me about the permanence of the ink. Plus they can write on almost any surface. The inventor of Sharpies might be my hero. Do you think his name is Mr. Sharpie? Or maybe it was a woman. Or a teenager who was really into graffiti, but allergic to spray pain. Regardless they should get a prize. A plaque maybe. But instead of being engraved it should be written in Sharpie. Or you could just give them my fridge door because it has been Sharpie-ed. See for yourself...

I may go back and add more details to the frame later. I wanted to do something more baroque, but this is what happened when I started free handing it. (Note: I did use a ruler to keep the lines straight, but I din't really measure.) I'll keep you all updated if I make any changes.


P.S. Remember the last time I took a Sharpie to my kitchen?

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