Thursday, October 17, 2013

30 Before 30

Today I turn 29. That means in 365 days I will be 30. (2014 isn't a leap year, is it?) So in honor of my 30th birthday, here are my 30 goals before 30. I tried this when I turned 28, and it wasn't the most successful thing, so I'm going to try again.

1. Paint my back porch
2. Get new pictures in my entry way
3. Memorize 10 Bible verses
4. Lose 30 pounds - that number seems fitting!
5. Vacation some place new
6. Make my T-shirts from college and high school into a quilt
7. Learn how to keep my car clean
8. Start taking more photos on a daily basis
9. Run a 5K
10. Go on a road trip
11. Go to a concert Complete! 11/8/2013
12. Go without internet for 48 hours
13. Sponsor a child Complete! 10/30/2013
14. Actually do one of the crafts I have pinned on Pinterest Complete! 1/1/2014
15. Learn to crack an egg with one hand  Complete! 1/1/2014
16. Choose my dissertation topic
17. Learn how to roller skate
18. Do 40 consecutive push-ups
19. Maintain an exercise routine
20. Build a snowman
21. Journal daily for a month
22. Get my recipes organized
23. Organize my linen closet
24. Go 1 month without shopping
25. Complete the Daniel Fast for 21 Days Complete! 12/19/2013
26. Try a new aerobic class
27. Try a new recipe Complete! 1/1/2013
28. Read 10 books
29. Create an address book (on my phone?)
30. Continue to be awesome

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