Thursday, January 02, 2014

30 by 30 Update

Today I am soaking up my last day of winter break freedom before heading back to work tomorrow. It's funny how on the first day of a break I have plans and to do lists and on the last day I just mourn the fact that I didn't get any of it done. That's not entirely true. I definitely got a few things done over the last 2 weeks, and thankfully my dear friends, Raylene and Laina helped me get a jump start on my 30 before 30 list

I got a text message from Raylene last week telling me to mark January 1st on my calendar because she and Laina had plans for me. I was a bit nervous. You never know with the 2 of them, but everything ended up fine. The day involved eggs, aprons, buttons, blindfolds, Target baskets, photos, and lots of fun. Plus I got to cross a few things off my list! Here is an update on the list.

10. Go on a road trip: Raylene and Laina blindfolded me and attempted to take me on a road trip, but we couldn't quite get to where we were going. Regardless we had a bit of an adventure, but I can't quite cross this one off the list.


11. Go to a concert: A month ago, Stephanie and I went to see Keith Urban and Little Big Town, so I'm officially calling this one complete!

13. Sponsor a Child: At the end of October I chose to begin sponsoring a boy named Pervez in Guatamala. He's 5 and adorable.

14. Actually do one of the crafts I have pinned on Pinterest: Raylene and Laina helped me with this one yesterday. We made button bracelets! It was super easy, but super cute. My favorite kind of craft!


15. Learn to crack an egg with one hand: I had forgotten that this was on my list, but yesterday I learned how to do this thanks to Ray and Laina and Youtube. It really isn't that difficult, but it is kind of messy.

27. Try a new recipe: We were able to cross a bonus one off the list because we made quiche with a recipe I had never made before. It was delish! I don't have the recipe, but I bet Raylene will blog about it soon.

So now I can go back to work tomorrow feeling like I actually accomplished a few things during my 2 week break. It's a good feeling.

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