Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day Rhymes

I'm snowed in, and so I thought I would write you all a few limericks about my snow day.

There once was a girl named Jenny,
She had hair the color of a penny,
She loved to cook, bake, and sew,
So she did all the day that it snowed,
While she was stuck in her warm, little den-y.

Thank goodness for the Hallmark Channel,
It keeps me entertained while snuggled in flannel,
With it's stories of love,
And excellent acting...well, sort of,
I wish my TV were powered with a solar panel.

Today I made soup, bread, and waffles,
None of them turned out awful,
My dog, Kody, agrees,
They were good recipes,
And none of them included fossiles.

I have a friend, and his name is Kody,
He's a dog and not a toad-y,
In the snow he loves to play,
He doesn't understand the command, "stay,"
Currently, he sleeps at my feet warm and cozy.

School is out for two days in a row,
All thanks to the buckets of snow,
That cover my drive and yard,
To shovel myself out would be hard,
Maybe I could get help from Vincent Van Gogh.

I'm going to go ahead and end these rhymes,
Because I have ran out of time,
Wheel of Fortune is starting,
The only rhyme I can think of is farting,
I'm glad I've never gotten mixed up in crime.


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