Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day 2.0

In case you've been wondering what I've been up to on my snow days, I've been documenting it with my phone camera, and now you can see them.

The tree in my backyard has a snow face. It's kind of scary looking.
My nephew and I spent a lot of time playing in the snow today.
He was so happy in the snow. 
His little brother joined us for a bit.
Daddy and his snow blower cleared every inch of sidewalk and driveway at my house. Then we went to a my brothers' houses and grandparents'. For the record, I helped by shoveling. 
Kody is crazy about the snow. It's cute.
I get cold, and I like to look a little intimidating while shoveling. 
Homemade bread bowls and cheesy potato soup. Perfect for a snow day.
Most of our time has been spent snuggled up inside.
If you have snow, I hope you are warm and cozy. If you don't have snow, I'm sorry.

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