Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Christmas Craft

Sometimes I get ideas for projects, and I think through it, and then I decide that I should wait until a more opportune time to paint my table or rearrange my guest room. Then there are other times that I decide I should paint a door to use for Christmas decor instead of clean my house, go grocery shopping, or work on photos. 

This is that door.

Yes, I should have used a level. Yes, I should have planned it out a little bit before just free handing the lettering. But I still love it.

In case you can't read it, it says...

In this home,
is about
our Savior
laughing together
singing around the piano
Praising God
giving generously
showing compassion
sharing our joy
celebrating His birth
kissing under the mistletoe
blessing others
loving others
being kind to others
the manger
peace and hope
Family Time



  1. Jennifer that is amazing!! You are so talented. I can't believe you just freehand that stuff. So cute.

  2. LOVE this! What materials did you use?


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