Saturday, August 13, 2011

My cousin, Tracie

If it weren't for my cousin Tracie and her incessant nagging begging for blog posts, there is a good chance that this blog would have died months ago. I guess it kind of did die for a while, but I am in the process of reviving it. Anyway, Tracie turned 21 this week, and so this post is for her. (I'm lying about her age, by the way so that I don't have to write as much - and to protect her identity.)

21 Things I Love about Tracie

1. She instinctly knows when 2 o'clock rolls around because that means it's Happy Hour at Sonic.
2. She's been known to buy my drink at Sonic - but only if it's Happy Hour.
3. When her baby is throwing a fit, she calls it a come apart.
4. Her name is alliteration, which I love.
5. She named her baby Jenner after me. (That isn't entirely true, but I'm going to claim it.)
6. She comes to visit us once a year even though we don't go visit her.
7. She is also a school librarian.
8. She cried bawled through the last Harry Potter movie.
9. She reads my blog.
10. Not only does she read it, she tells me it's funny.
11. She brings Tonya with her when she comes to visit.
12. She can tell a story like no one I know.
13. Her little boy is adorable, and he is excellent at impersonating a monkey.
14. She comments on my Facebook albums.
15. She is a wonderful mom to Jenner.
16. She has the best Arkansas accent.
17. When referring to appointments with her OBGYN, she calls it an "open house" (Is that blog appropriate? Probably not.)
18. She is open about her Facebook stalking, which I appreciate as one of her stalkees.
19. She's hilarious.
20. She's laid back.
21. She's my relative, so that has to say something!

Happy Birthday - a little late.


  1. Woohoo! I love it and it's about time I got a blog devoted entirely to my awesomeness!:)

  2. so.... I just need to beg you to get a post all about how much you love me?! hmmm.... duly noted! :)


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