Saturday, February 05, 2011

New bathroom Episode 1

You know how I've been blogging about how I have nothing to blog about? I totally forgot that we were adding another bathroom to my house. Technically there was a bathroom in the mud room when I bought the house, but it looked like this:

Luckily, that phase is far, far behind us. In fact, really I should be on episode 3 or 4 by now, but I never even thought about blogging it. So even though we're nearly finished, I'm going to break up the reveal into a few episodes because I've learned from reality television that people like suspense, and what the people want, I give. (That's why I'm writing this post - my cousin Tracie is demanding it of me!)

The green door in my mudroom leads to the bathroom. That's why I painted it green, so that when I have guests I can just say, go through the green door. You've got to think ahead in instances like this. :)

Dad was able to fit  get a shower in the bathroom as well, so now I have 2 full bathrooms. 

I've had about 5 different ideas for vanities for this room. I went from wanting a wall mount sink, to a glass pedestal sink, to a farm house sink, back to a wall mount sink. Then Dad went to Home Depot one day and saw that they were having a "Vanity Insanity Sale." He convinced me to pick one of the vanities that were on sale. Personally, I think he didn't want to build me a farm house vanity, but was too nice to say so. :) Once I went and looked at them, I fell in love with this one....mainly because of the sink, and that it was only $99.

Below you can see that the light fixture is kind of over powering. I'm working on that. It's really tough to get pictures in a room that is the size of a man's closet. (A woman's closet would be twice this size!)

Oh, and the color is plum brown from Sherwin Williams. Momma picked it out. Well, I picked out a lot of purples, and she narrowed it down to this one. I was worried that it would be too dark, but once the mirror and things were hung it ended up being just right. You'll get to see those pictures next time. Hopefully by then I'll have my good camera back from the shop - fingers crossed!

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  1. FYI, I check every day to see if you have posted what your bathroom looks like all done! I mean, not rushing you to post pics or anything :-)



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