Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Several excuses are always less convincing than one. ~Aldous Huxley

I realize that my blogging has been sporadic lately, and I'm here to apologize. I'd love to be able to tell you that I went on a technology fast, or I escaped to an exotic island somewhere with no computer, no phone, or no mosquitos, but none of that is true. However, I do have my reasons....

10 Reasons I Haven't Blogged in a Week

10. It's tournament week
I've been coaching cheer, which has eaten up a lot of my free time.

9. The Bachelor is back on TV
I haven't even watched an episode, but I feel like it might be worth mentioning.

8. I'm having Blogger's Block
I'm considering seeing my doctor about it, but I'm not sure that it's a real disease.

7. There haven't been any snow days this week.
I haven't had to work a regular 5 day work week since the week of December 13th, so I got used to having extra blog time. Cut a girl a break. 

6. There is a major bathroom re-model going on around here.
I'll be honest, I've done very little to help in this effort to this point, but I provide moral support. Trust me, Internet, my moral support is really good. I'm not sure if my dad would be able to dry wall without it.

5. My dog ate my blog.
Okay, this one is not real, but Kody likes it when he gets mentioned on the blog. 

4. My camera is broken
I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, and I think all blog posts need a picture, so it's tough for me to blog without the pictures.

3. My friends and family aren't as exciting as they used to be
That's not true at all, but I'm running out of excuses.

2. You all set the bar too high
They say when you can't blame some thing, blame some one, so I'm blaming you, Internet.

1. I've been busy
Did you think I was going to come up with something exciting for number one? So did I, but I couldn't come up with anything....I'm blaming blogger's block.



  1. I LOVE you. Good excuses. I haven't blogged in a month so I may need to come up with some excuses too. :)

  2. Funny. Blogging is therapeutic isn't it, even when it is just excuses.

  3. you seriously crack me up!

    I'm really glad you clarified #3 :) b/c we are stinkin exciting... and we can spice some things up for ya if you REALLY want us to... just say the word.

    Well.. not sure what word you're suppose to say.... maybe spice? yeah- we'll go with that


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