Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nobody ever outgrows Scripture. The book widens and deepens with our years. -Charles Spurgeon

My first year away at college I learned a lot of things:
1. I learned that community bathrooms really are the best way to get to know the girls on your floor.
2. I learned that if you were creative, you could sneak an entire meal out of the dining hall without the use of a purse or book back. 
3. I learned the real value of free food, and whenever any organization was having a cook out or free chili dinner, it was worth attending.
4. I learned that no matter how crazy your room mate is, it's worth it because you end up with really good stories in the end. Seriously, I have some REALLY good room mate stories.
5. I learned that trying 8 am classes just weren't a good idea. Period.

One of the most important thing I learned though, was how to form real friendships. I am a lucky girl, and I had 3 incredible friends in college. The four of us met within the first week of us all being at Missouri State, and began having breakfast together. It started as once a week, but ended up being closer to 3 - 5 times a week. During our breakfast we would talk about what the Lord was doing, the boys we were or wished we were dating, the classes we loved and hated, the ins and outs of our day to day lives, and weather or not we were going to the Icthus event for that weekend. We would encourage each other and be accountable to each other. It was the best picture of true Christian community that I've experienced.

We were honest to the core. It was at those breakfasts that I could truly be myself. I could talk about anything and everything. I could listen to Jayne, Leah and Lenzi (I have to spell it that way, Lenz!) talk about their anything and everythings. There were are so many memories I could tell you about. We became so close that we were given the nickname B4 because there were 4 of us and we met before the day began. (We may or may not have made matching shirts....twice. And we may or may not have had our own Xanga page.) They were my college sisters, and I miss them so much.

The exciting thing for me right now, is that B4 is back...kind of. We don't get to see each other every week because we all live in different cities with very different lives. We don't even call or Skype or write, although we all wish we would, but right now we are working toward a common goal of memorizing Scripture this year. With the help of Facebook and Beth Moore's Scripture Challenge, we are holding each other accountable once again, and I'm thrilled. Together we are each memorizing 2 verses a month. Today marks the second verse of the challenge.  I thought I'd start sharing the verses I'm memorizing here because it's my blog, and I want to.

Here are the two I'm working on for the month of January:



  1. jen, I love this! I have never heard of the scripture challenge before. I so want to do it! I don't think I'm very good at memorization and I've never really had a desire to work at it--but maybe that's just why I should do it. I have been reading the living proof ministries blog.. wow! I'm already a month behind, I better go get myself some notecards!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this too! I have really enjoyed this challenge thus far!

    PS: I really liked my 8am classes... b/c I could take naps in the afternoon- which is every college student's calling! :)


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