Thursday, August 08, 2013

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is Momma's birthday, as I'm sure you can tell by the blog title. In honor of her birthday, here are some limericks about mom.....

There once was a lady named Verna
Her name only rhymes with Merna
Which isn't a real word
She likes to call me Bird
There's still nothing that rhymes with Verna

I have this lady who's my Momma
She didn't vote for Obama
Her middle name is Dean
On Fridays she wears Jeans
Her life doesn't have much drama

Today is my mom's day of birth
She's the best momma on earth
She raised two boys
And a girl with poise
Never underestimate her worth

My momma can be kind of crazy
She taught me never to be lazy
She has all kinds of advice
She raised me to be nice
I'm not sure how she feels about daisies

She seriously is a great mom
I'm glad she didn't name anyone Tom
I'm thankful to have her
A rhyming word is fur
She has never visited Guam

Okay, the last one was a bit weak, so I'm calling it quits. Happy Birthday, Momma! I love you.

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