Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Blueberries is one of the great forces o'good in the world." -James A. Turner

Last week my soon-to-be-sister-in-law offered me some chocolate covered blueberries. After one taste, I was hooked. She found them at Costco. (Isn't it amazing the things you can find at Costco?) I decided that I could make my own version, so I did, and now you can too if you follow the steps below.

1. Grab a bag of frozen blueberries and some dipping chocolate. (Melted chocolate chips works too, I'm sure.) You'll also need wax paper, but some people use aluminum foil because they don't have wax paper at their house. I might fit into that category. P.S. I dipped my blueberries frozen.

2. As tempting as it is, do not eat the chocolate straight up. It needs to be saved for the blueberries.

 3. Dip the blueberries in the chocolate and leave them on the foil or wax paper or plate or whatever to set. If you're fancy like my momma, then you have a cool dipping tool that helps keep things neat and clean. If you're like me, just throw some blueberries in the chocolate and fish them out with a spoon. The key is to use your fingers so that you have chocolate that will need to be licked off later - AFTER dipping of course because otherwise it would get germy.

4. Let them sit until they are set. I put mine in the fridge, and then put them in a tupperware container and stored them in the freezer.

5. Enjoy! I took these to volleyball last week and everyone loved them. Personally, I like them better than chocolate covered strawberries, but I think that's because I like strawberries plain.



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