Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jordan and Amy

I met Jordan at last year's camp for my church. I was there as the games and rec girl for the kids, and he was there playing drums for worship. During our time there he talked a lot about a girl named Amy. They weren't dating quite yet, but he was ready to ask her out. Who knew that just over a year later I'd be second shooting their wedding with Cherish? Crazy how things like that happen.

Their wedding was lovely. The day ended up being perfect after a bit of rain. I'll let the pictures tell you the story. :)

The bridesmaids were just too adorable!

This was the room where the groomsmen were hanging out. They only had the chandelier turned on, and the rest of the room was pitch black. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of creepy. :)

Peeking at the guests arriving.

Their first dance song was All About Us by He is We. It's now one of my favorite songs. So cute!


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